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Learn YOUR OWN vocabulary

Vocabulary2Go is a learning tool that enables you to organize, record and revise the vocabulary YOU have learned and summarized after YOUR lesson – even individual or with a teacher.

So, you don’t need to use your notebook or exercisebook or anything else people normally use for recording their vocabulary.

What can you get?

Our service can be used by anyone learning a foreign language or languages. Vocabulary2Go will show you the way how to build up and organize your vocabulary. Vocabulary2Go uses modern technology for your best progress in learning. You can use your PC as well as your smartphone.

We will also show you how to develop your sentences from simple phrases and help you to create your own vocabulary.

After YOU record YOUR vocabulary in the first lesson, the tool also enables you to:

  • invite your classmates and share your vocabulary with them,
  • set up your individual study plan,
  • drill the words you did not know,
  • print the vocabulary and check it with your teacher again.

Using this tool you will find learning more effective, quick and more comfortable. You will enrich your vocabulary and be more confident in conversation.

Vocabulary2Go is not a dictionary or a textbook. The key idea is to organize, record and revise YOUR OWN vocabulary.

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However, we offer demo lessons that might help you with creating your own lessons and more demo lessons will be added in the future for your comfort.

Besides this, we would also like to draw your attention to our SMART TRAY for Vocabulary2Go.com application.

Key features

  • Organize your vocabulary
  • Record your vocabulary
  • Revise your vocabulary
  • Share your vocabulary
  • Print your vocabulary

What people say

I always lose my notes from my english lessons before I even start to revise my vocabulary“ says Rudolf (35, project manager, Czech republic). „I have started to use the Vocabulary2Go after every lesson to organize and store the vocabulary I went through with my teacher. As I work most of the day on PC, I have my vocabulary always by my hand and I can practise words anytime

Learning vocabulary is crucial for learning languages. People often ask, how to learn vocabulary in the most effective way. This tool offers ways how to get over difficulties connected with organizing and storing the vocabulary and makes learning more comfortable“ says Bretislav (49, English and French language teacher, Czech Republic).

Recording vocabulary in Vocabulary2Go is easy, straightforward and quick. I start learning vocabulary in the moment I start to record it. My time dedicated is then rewarded by nicely organized lessons and words according to particular topics“ says Sarka (30, maternity leave, Czech Republic).